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Germany honors Elke Miller with a Medal - May, 2015

The Cross of the Order of Merit Ceremony

Elke Miller, Kigala Preschool Founder and Executive Director, and also Founder of Goethe International Charter School, is being honored with the Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany for her efforts in the establishment of German education, and fostering the German language and culture in Los Angeles.

The ceremony and event hosted by the Deputy Consul General of Germany, Stefan Biedermann, will take place Memorial Day weekend, at the beautiful Villa Aurora in Pacific Palisades.

Stay tune for photos and news from the event!

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[KI•GA•LA] a KIds GArden of LAnguages

Welcome to Kigala Preschool, a multi-language preschool for children ages 2 to entering first grade.

Set in Santa Monica, Kigala offers half and full day programs, where your children can play and learn in an immersive and fun filled community school environment.

Kigala is the only preschool in the Santa Monica area offering Spanish, German and English Programs.

We offer rich learning opportunities in our indoor and outdoor classroom environment.

What makes KIGALA a great preschool!


We offer English, Spanish and German language programs in a playful and culturally rich environment.


Our goal is to expose our students to a rich selection of learning opportunities, including art, science, music and dance!


We nurture our young children in a culturally rich classroom, encouraging them to become citizens of the world.


We honor play as a valuable path to understanding. Students experience joy, discovering and sharing all that they learn in our indoor and outdoor classroom environment!

Experience Kigala's outdoor classroom and community spirit, captured in this video featuring our fundraising efforts to bring more shade to the outdoor classroom. Thank you for your continued support!

Give your child a gift that lasts forever...a second language!

Why choose a multi-language preschool?

In a world "gone global", enrolling your son or daughter in an international preschool is a smart choice. A young child's brain is wired to pick up language naturally, so the perfect time to introduce your child to a foreign language is as they learn their first one. Plus, being bilingual builds brain-power!

Parents are realizing how important it is to raise kids as global citizens. Read about what Kigala parent experiences on our Testimonial page.

Being a Kigala Graduate

From their first day to graduation, each student receives a rich Kigala experience, ready to take on the next big school out there. Enjoy some graduation moments!

See more Graduation videos, photos and MORE...

See some Kigala Holiday Cheer

Interested in our preschool?

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